Invalid Opcode at 0027 with Spinrite

I’m only making this post because if you’re searching the intarweb for the answer to this like I did, this is probably it.

I was trying to use my copy of Spinrite 6 on someone’s computer to resolve their bad hard drive issues. This was a Dell XPS430. When you would try to start Spinrite from the cdrom drive you’d get this strange error:

Invalid Opcode at 0027 0004 0293 0073 0000 0000 F800 01E1 6800 728E FFF0 76F8 51E2

Which is not helpful. This turns out to be associated with the RAID controller on the XPS430. Spinrite can’t work with the drive(s) with the RAID controller active. Go into the BIOS setup (F2 at startup), and turn off the RAID controller. Then Spinrite will start normally and let you work on the drives. Remember when you’re all done to turn the RAID controller back on before you reboot back into Windows.

That’s it. Hope this helped you.