Let’s Put 2011 in a Box and Burn It.

And With That, the end of 2011’s disastrous run of music comes to a close. As is the tradition (2010, 2009) I’ve bundled up all the garbage of the last twelve months and stuck it into a single archive so that both people who read this can download it. You can still listen and download individual tracks from the 2011 music page, on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

According to my expert calculations this year’s stuff clocked in at four hours, forty-seven minutes and forty two seconds. Slightly longer than 2009 – for which I only published for about half the year, but quite a bit short from 2010, which was just over seven hours. As I was famously told once, it’s hard to get up when you’re standing on my neck.

There’s nothing new in the archive that wasn’t in the previously-available download. Don’t bother downloading it thinking you’re going to find l33t crackz or keygens in it.

You can download the archive here (521 MB). me.com go bye bye

Maybe you can download the archive here (521 MB). (Mirror which will also go away) Those went away, as expected

The MD5 is cb39faabd9247157efab6c32c4a0da1d. You still don’t know what MD5 is, and I still don’t care. Apple’s me.com is going away, and so this archive will be unavailable from me.com after it goes away, because that’s what going away means.

Update:If you were really, really dying to have this in an obscure or lossless format, well then you want to go to Something or Other on Bandcamp, where you can get that. It’s still free.

This year’s cover was again designed by Ro Karen, who spent more effort making this cover than I probably did making anything to go with it.

Speaking of not caring, as usual the licence (license) for this is the same as always, some Creative Commons mumbo jumbo that you’re not going to bother adhering to.

Creative Commons License

Yes, everything is free. Yes, you can download it for free (even the lossless Bandcamp version). No, you don’t need to go try to find it on the pilates bay because it’s for free right here. If you want to do something with your money give it to Ro Karen or your local animal shelter. I know, you won’t, because you’re so poor. Since I’ve not charged you anything, I’ll not entertain any complaints about how it doesn’t play on your ancient computer or it isn’t ogg vorbis or I haven’t provided you with source code so you can run it on your hipster coffee machine. I’ve already made a lot of snide comments about people’s inability to follow simple instructions in the previous years’ roundup archives, so if you want better jokes go read those.

As I did last year, if you send me a request I’ll mail you a disc with everything on it.

Note: number of requests for discs I had in 2010 was zero (0).