Songs to Night Attack By

These are bits that I have made for Night Attack.

This page exists because at one point I had made enough of these that the menu at the top of this web zone pizza roll overflowed and was too long to display. Oh well. Newest ones are at the top.


Overture Congress (NEW)

The Slumber of Awtfy
Nightshark Attack
Mystery featuring MikeTV
Live and Let Jai Alai


Sing a Little Song / That Old-Ass Song (Spinnerlied)
The Song for Everybody / Lucky Dog
Breakfast Goat featuring Aunty Donna
Election: A Night Attack Rock Opera featuring MikeTV
cum featuring Jason Murphy
Where’s the Homepage?
What’s Your Agenda featuring Adam Curry
Allergies Grow on Family trees
Not Ready for This
The Pub Song (Hey Fuck You)
That Song is About Racism
Balls Deep
Admiral Nelson and Captain Morgan / The Handjob Song / The Movie Trailer
Night Attack After Dark featuring James Thatcher
Let’s Talk About Queefs
Scarred (For Life)
Hat Dance / Dr. Strange
Separate Bathtub Heavens / Champagne
The Ballad of Jeremiah Gables
Here for the Party
Addicted to Trump
All-Star Night Attack
Secrets or BS


Mike Tyson
A Night Attack Christmas / Clickbeat / Ducks
Bunchem Stuck
The Scam Stuff Work Song
Juicy Fruit
Rifle Burs
Truth Be Told
Let’s Dance, Bitch / Brian Don’ Give it to Ya
Blue Eyes
Asshole Klan, Hello
Strokin’ / PICKY
MikeTV Wars / Crazy Cat Lady White Girl is High / On the Wall (Ropes)
MC Allergy Sings a Country Song
Electronic Song
MC Allergy’s “Fuck Soy”

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