Songs to Night Attack By

These are bits that I have made for Night Attack. Newest ones are at the top.

Some of these pieces appear on the #1 smash album All’s Well: A Night Attack Album.

“I hate downloading all these why don’t you make it easy to download all of them at once”


The 420 Episode


Eighty Thousand
Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Lobro featuring Lobro
Drugs (Gotta Get Them)
Get a Computer
Dr. Sleep
Fuzzy Q-Tip and the Cockroach Problem
The Hot Dog Rule Song
The Devil Went Down to Night Attack
The Vurp
Big Ass Cockroach
Hoarse Boys featuring Wil Harris
Raging featuring Andrew Heaton
The Pornography Song
Wearing Shirts
An Escalation / Twenty Dollars featuring Brett Weaver / Everything is Planned
Grizzled Dick
Five Hundred Dollars
Baby Boomers
The Tom Jones Song featuring Lobro
In to the Wolf Glen
Long Man featuring Scott Johnson
This Is Not A Musical featuring Mikey Neumann
Musical Curse
Stuck featuring Andrew Heaton
Phrase-Or Or Or featuring Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas
The Bag featuring Mitzula
Fanfare for the Boiled
Science Machine
Sith from a Rose
Spoonfish featuring Andrew Mayne
Stone On
One Night in Pound Town
Rich White Guys
The Patreon Dot Com Slash Night Attack featuring Mike TV
Armor All Star
Beers That Make You Go Hmmm featuring Michael Lipton
The South By So Wasted 2019 Song
The T Stands for Tone
That Song About the Ingrown Toenail Corrector featuring Cait Raft
A Blooch is Born featuring Mike TV
Meow Meow Remix
Ode to Fucko featuring Jason Murphy
The Merle and Curle Show featuring Max Temkin
The Porrón Song featuring Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly
The S Stands for Suck


Wonderful Promise Time
Fun Show Tonite
My Name is Kick Rocks
Computer Machine featuring Ali Spagnola
The Flip
The Answers You Seek
Hot Pads for Love
Owner of a Lonely Mouth Guitar
Groove is in the Mouth Guitars
Topical Jay-Rock featuring Jay Brushwood
Beyond One and Two
The Planning Song featuring Allie Goertz
Comb Those
Mmm-Boop Her Gently
Meth Masseuse
Need a Little Time
The Safe Sex Song featuring Owen JJ Stone
I’m the Cat Man
Six Short Songs About Night Attack
The Boogity Boogity Boogity Boo Song / Dirty Deeds Done for a Reasonable Price
Literal Five-O
The Non Sequitur Song / That Song About Lincoln
The Fish Diss Track
Penguin Belly Balloon Head
Podcasting Flies
Make it Look Like it
The Most Expensive Guacamole
Jump, Sleep, Splat
Spam is Delicious
It’s an Hour of it (c’mon I worked really hard on this)
Tragelebration / The Coachella Medley
Nothin But Drugs n’ Startups
Learn the Capitals of South America
The Harvey Harv / A.C. DOT BIZ / BDCCPPPPM
My Butt is Mine (Mine Mine)
Crooked-Ass Finger Gonna Goose That Duck
Jigglin’ / The Spar-Strangled Banner
The Phone Message Song
Did You Ever (The Aunty Donna Song) featuring Aunty Donna
The Would You Rather Song
Going So Low
White Married Men
The Trees Hate You (Cedar Fever) / The Numbers Station
That Song About the Lannisters


Boglinto the Night
The Several Days of Brycemas
You’re a Hot One, Mr. Flame
Fifty Ways to Mine Your Cryptocurrency
The Night Attack Christmas Gift Guide 2017 featuring Mike TV
You Can’t Treat Steak Like a Chicken Breast featuring Greg Grunberg
With the Cars and the Fashion
The Jamslunt Jomper Joink Song featuring Mikey Neumann
Night Attack of the P-Werewolf
Get Ready for the Front Page
Life is a High School Empanada
Clear Out the Vents
Diamonds on the Club of Her Foot
Night Attack Bling (The Scoopfest Theme) / Night Attack to the Limit
Mr. Skateboard
Famous AF
Donate Your Bone Marrow / Like For Reals
Paranoia Skate or Scape or Scrape I Dunno / Amazing Game featuring Mike TV
The Jilly Bowl Medley
The Profanity Song
The Cackling Song
Proud to Be
Poop: the Musical
All the Sea Shanties / Some of the Sea Shanties
The Butterfly Fart Daddy Song / The Wet featuring Tom Merritt
The The Song featuring Mikey Neumann
Let it Spin (The Grackle Song)
The Seven Deadly Sinatras
Antler Rhombus
The Mumble Rap / The Standard Jazz
The Sweet Release of Death
Is the Wind Fake
The Alfred Song featuring Wil Harris
(You Can’t) Get an Infection featuring Mike TV
Overture Congress
The Slumber of Awtfy
Nightshark Attack
Mystery featuring MikeTV
Live and Let Jai Alai


Sing a Little Song / That Old-Ass Song (Spinnerlied)
The Song for Everybody / Lucky Dog
Breakfast Goat featuring Aunty Donna
Election: A Night Attack Rock Opera featuring MikeTV
cum featuring Jason Murphy
Where’s the Homepage?
What’s Your Agenda featuring Adam Curry
Allergies Grow on Family trees
Not Ready for This
The Pub Song (Hey Fuck You)
That Song is About Racism
Balls Deep
Admiral Nelson and Captain Morgan / The Handjob Song / The Movie Trailer
Night Attack After Dark featuring James Thatcher
Let’s Talk About Queefs
Scarred (For Life)
Hat Dance / Dr. Strange
Separate Bathtub Heavens / Champagne
The Ballad of Jeremiah Gables
Here for the Party
Addicted to Trump
All-Star Night Attack
Secrets or BS


Mike Tyson
A Night Attack Christmas / Clickbeat / Ducks
Bunchem Stuck
The Scam Stuff Work Song
Juicy Fruit
Rifle Burs
Truth Be Told
Let’s Dance, Bitch / Brian Don’ Give it to Ya
Blue Eyes
Asshole Klan, Hello
Strokin’ / PICKY
MikeTV Wars / Crazy Cat Lady White Girl is High / On the Wall (Ropes)
MC Allergy Sings a Country Song
Electronic Song
MC Allergy’s “Fuck Soy”

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