2009’s Pig in a Slanket Collection.

Update: As of 2013 there’s now a remastered version available

So, it’s been quite a Crap year, for those keeping score.

I know it’s so tedious to go to all these posts, click the little arrow thingie, go “yuck”, click delete, and have to click the next one. To make it easier for you to delete them, here’s all of 2009 in one zip archive. They’re in mp3 format, and nothing different from what’s already been posted. The archive is about 468 MB. It comes in at four hours, twenty minutes, and 33 seconds of audio. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Crap Chute’s Blast from the Ass 2009 Collection (468 MB) I told you me.com was going away

Crap Chute’s Blast from the Ass 2009 Collection (468 MB) New Download Link (Get the 2013 remaster instead)

The MD5 is 73bee3dd03ec92c8460a9d19468ce533. If you don’t know what an MD5 is, then don’t worry about it.

Don’t complain to me they don’t play on your Diamond Rio, or your l33t linux boxen, or your hipster laser-engraved Macintoaster. Real audiophiles don’t use the internet anyway

forte: Some people are fussy about licences. I’m not, really. Well, no actually I am – but I recognize that none of you have read down this far. If you make any money from this, give some to me, or someone who needs it, or I’ll punch you in the face, or maybe I won’t. Here, let me paste a little something in below.

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