Pigs in a Slanket: The Next Generation

In the natural progression of moving my music onto bandcamp, it has activated that gene that makes me have to go back and tinker with all the old tracks. 2009 was the first year back after not recording any music for twelve years. I started out the year in Garageband, moved to Logic 8, then back to Garageband, then moved to Logic 9, then back to Garageband. I’ve previously attempted to spackle over past sins of recording. After much stress and gnashing of teeth my circle of failure is complete and you are now presented with the 2013 remaster set for 2009’s “Crap Chute’s Blast from the Ass.”

Much like the Crap Chute’s Sluice Juice Spatial Edition 2012 Rage Fury Wifebeater, I did a lot of work trying to fix some of the more egregious problems with the material. All the tracks feature new mixes. Some of them have new instrumentation, some of them have newly-recorded parts to replace corrupted files, some have strange new additional parts. The material is still the material though, you can’t change that.

All in all, about four and a half hours of music. As usual, you can still download the whole thing for free from bandcamp. Also available is the material from 2010, 2011, and 2012. Total is about 22 hours of terrible, terrible music.

It’s also still covered by creative commons. You never figured out what that meant in 2009, and you still haven’t figured it out. Don’t worry about it.

Creative Commons License
Crap Chute’s Blast from the Ass 2013 Edition by Steven Cogswell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

When I say “free” I mean “free.” I’m not sure why people have a problem understanding that “free” means “$0.00” but it means you don’t have to pay. You don’t have to pay to download it. You don’t have to give me your email address. That’s because it’s free.