The Eighth Time’s the Charm: The Second New Album of 2016

Oh hello there. You may recall that early in the year 2016 I put out an album called Crap Chute’s Concentrated to much critical acclaim. In years’ gone by I have followed the model of releasing one album of material every calendar year.

Well this year I do the unthinkable and I’m releasing a second album of new material. Twelve new tracks, fifty minutes of new music.

Okay, I hear you saying “but it’s a shorter album than usual, and the tracks aren’t twenty minutes long like they usually are”, and I don’t care, it still counts. Thus we have Crap Chute’s Canal Route.

You can get this album, like all my albums from If you use the super secret coupon code “everywhere” you can get some ridiculously stupid discount off the full price. Also you can use that code to get my full discography if aren’t lucky enough to own all my previous albums yet.

You can also get Crap Chute’s Canal Route from iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, and listen to it on Spotify.

If you get it from, you can get it in your choice of format including weird-ass geeky lossless and obscure fedora neckbeard formats as well as standard MP3. It’s probably also cheapest that way, and affords you the maximum amount of freedom.

Yes friends, I said Freedom. Crap Chute’s Canal Route is released under a Creative Commons license. If you’re confused what this means, don’t worry too much about it, but I wrote a pretty complete explanation to help you through.

Creative Commons License
Crap Chute’s Canal Route by Steven Cogswell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.