How to Add Podcasts to a Playlist in iOS 5.x even with iTunes Match Turned On

iTunes Match is a pretty nifty service that I won’t go into detail about. If you don’t know about it, go read up. When you turn on iTunes Match on your iOS device (iPhone 4 in my case), it ‘takes over’ the music portion of your phone, removes all the sync’d from iTunes music, and makes all your music addable via download from the iTunes cloud server. No problems.

The problem is playlists and podcasts. I know, podcasting is dead, but before iTunes Match, on the iPhone you could add Podcasts to a playlist just like any other media. But now with iTunes Match enabled, and you go to add a playlist on the phone (I’m not talking about making playlists in iTunes, I mean on the phone itself with “Add Playlist” in the Music app), the “Podcasts” icon does not appear in the list of things you can select from anymore:

Interestingly with iTunes match disabled the option appears again. Probably just some silly thing in how iTunes Match is implemented in iOS. Maybe it will get fixed in a revision of iOS, maybe not. Either way, here’s how to add podcasts anyway.

It’s actually pretty simple: When adding tracks to a playlist, drag down to reveal the search box. In the search box you could type the name of your podcast (if you remembered it), but instead just enter ‘podcast’.

You damn right, it knows, it gives you a list of all the podcasts

and scroll down some more for individual podcast episodes.

Then you can add those mo-fo’s to your playlist

and presto, it’s like you never spent $24.99 on iTunes Match and had it ruin your ability to listen to podcasts in a playlist.