The Secret Night Attack Music Page

Yeah, this isn’t much of a secret, is it. So this page holds the “Things I’ve made for Night Attack but haven’t been played or publicized yet.” I used to not have these listed anywhere, but hey I put a lot of work into making them.  At least you found them.

In the event that one of these sees the light of day I will likely remove it from here and put it back on the main page.

The 2020 Collection

The 2017 Collection

White Mountain Woman featuring Mikey Neumann (Jan 2017)
Don’t Worry / Fire Escape / Eat That Butta St1ck (Jan 2017)

The 2016 Collection

You’re Nuts, Sonic / Peanuts (Sonic Mix) featuring Romany Malco (Sep 2016)
Thunderflap featuring Jason Bryant (Jul 2016)
Wing Dingers / Freestylin’. huh? (Jun 2016)
The Crew featuring Mikey Neumann (May 2016)
Cat Crack Castle (Apr 2016)