The Secret Night Attack Music Page

Yeah, this isn’t much of a secret, is it. So this page holds the “Things I’ve made for Night Attack but haven’t been played or publicized yet.” I used to not have these listed anywhere, but hey I put a lot of work into making them.  At least you found them.

In the event that one of these sees the light of day I will likely remove it from here and put it back on the main page.

The 2019 Collection

Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Lobro featuring Lobro

The 2017 Collection

White Mountain Woman featuring Mikey Neumann (Jan 2017)
Don’t Worry / Fire Escape / Eat That Butta St1ck (Jan 2017)

The 2016 Collection

You’re Nuts, Sonic / Peanuts (Sonic Mix) featuring Romany Malco (Sep 2016)
Thunderflap featuring Jason Bryant (Jul 2016)
Wing Dingers / Freestylin’. huh? (Jun 2016)
The Crew featuring Mikey Neumann (May 2016)
Cat Crack Castle (Apr 2016)